Windows from Eurobeams “Carpathian Windows” TM-78 system

Description:Windows of this system are the best choice for a flat or a cottage, as well as for office. The main difference from T-68 is two-chamber energysaving glazing with better heat- and noise-insulation.ОКНА ИЗ ЕВРОБРУСА “КАРПАТСКИЕ ОКНА» ТМ-78 СИСТЕМА
Due to excellent insulating qualities a significant economical effect is achieved, wich makes it one of the most popular on the market. Customers in countries like Norway, Finland, Sweden, Germany steadely preffer these system to others available on the market.
Glazing: TM-78 is manufactured with a glazing 34 mm wide. Depending on material it is made of, heat transmission resistance coefficient is 1,03 м2С0/Wt — for pine-tree; 1,08 м2С0/Wt – for oak.
NB! If you want to achieve maximum heat- and noise insulation in your house we recommend to install profile filled with crypton gas (4і-12Kr-4). Heat transmission resistance coefficient of such window would be: 1,426 м2С0/Wt – for pine-tree; 1,432 м2С0/Wt – for oak.

Technical carachteristics:

– profile is made of three-layer glulams with cross section 68×80 mm.

– double sealer with the Deventer (Germany) materials, providing high tightness.

– aluminum water repelling profile is installed on windows.


– painting is done in multiple steps by the ADLER (Austria) eco-friendly products.


– windows are outfitted with durable and easy-to-use fittings Active Pilot by WINK HAUS.
– for a break-in protection windows are outfitted with handlles HOPPE SECUSTIC.
– system can be outfitted with extra security and convinience features by client’s request.