Windows from Eurobeams “Carpathian Windows” TM-68 system

Description: high-quality window systems, whose modern design offers great looks and is ergonomic. This profile is made of special material – eurobeam, which prevents moist absorbtion, has extra durability and deformation resistance.

Window shape:Modern technoogies allow to create constructions of different shape and size (arched, triangular, round, trapeziform etc.) and colouring.

Glazing: TM-68 system is made out of energy efficient glazing 24 mm wide. Heat transmission coefficient is 0,788 м2С0/Wт — for pine-tree; 0,794 м2С0/Wт – for oak.

Technical characteristics of TM-68 are fully compleid with national standards regarding energy saving.TM-68 products are certified for installation throughout Ukraine and will serve over long time period.

NB! If you want to achieve maximum heat- and noise insulation in your house we recommend to install profile filled with crypton gas  (4і-16Kr-4).Heat transmission resistance coefficient of such window would be: 0,916 м2С0/Вт – for pine-tree; 0,923 м2С0/Вт – for oak.

Technical carachteristics:

– profile is made of three-layer glulams with cross section 68×80 mm.

– double sealer with the Deventer (Germany) materials, providing high tightness.

– aluminum water repellant profile is installed on windows.

– painting is done in multiple steps by the ADLER (Austria) eco-friendly products.


– windows are outfitted with durable and easy-to-use fittings Active Pilot by WINK HAUS.

– system can be outfitted with extra security and convinience features by client’s request.
– for a break-in protection windows are outfitted with handlles HOPPE SECUSTIC.