Window and Doors

You can take a look at our completed projects for roller doors and steel windows insallation

  • Excellent insulation and noise-protection with six chambers both in a frame and a sash;
  • High durability with steel reinforcement both in a frame and a sash;
  • Easy to clean with sufficient semi-sloped rebate surface on sashes;
  • You can order it in two options: flat profile with a bevelled glazing bead or semi-flush with round glazing beads.

Profile system Veka EUROLINEVeka EUROLINE - Классическая система оконных и дверных профилей

  • Window and door profile system with excellent insulation characteristics. Great noise and heat protection;
  • High-quality plastic resistant to atmospheric phenomena;
  • No need for painting or any other treatment and maintenance;
  • Smooth and even surface;
  • 3 chambers;
  • Profile’s mounting width – 58mm;
  • Glazing from 24 to 32mm deep;
  • Colors: white and multicolor;
  • Stieffner color – black;

Profile system  Veka SOFTLINE
Veka SOFTLINE - Классическая система пятикамерных профилей

    • Window and door profile system with excellent insulation characteristics. Great noise and heat protection;
    • High-quality plastic resistant to atmospheric phenomena;
    • No need for painting or any other treatment and maintenance;
    • Smooth and even surface;
    • 5 chambers;
    • Profile’s mounting width – 70mm;
    • Glazing from 4 to 42mm deep;
    • Colors: white and multicolor;
    • Stiffener color – black;

3-chamber profiles. Basic profile system REHAU Euro-Design 60 (3 chambers, 60мм). They fit the best for balcony and terrace glassing.

 Базовая профильная система — REHAU Euro-Design 60 (3 камеры, 60мм)

5-chamber profile. For extra thermal insulation and systematic use of heaters and air-conditioners we recommend 5-chamber profile frames.

REHAU Euro-Design 70 (5 chambers, 70мм deep). This system provides comfortable microclimate during any season and helps you to save money on heating and air-conditioning.

REHAU Euro-Design 70

REHAU Euro-Design 86 PLUS (5 chambers,  86мм deep). Effective depth of 86mm allows you to install latest triple glazing windows. Due to multi-chamber technology the air is used as additional insulation. Wide variety of joint shapes, colours, decorations gives customers a lot of room for experiment.
REHAU Euro-Design 86 PLUS

Hoffen is a 4-chamber profile with stiffener

“Hoffen” is a 4-chamber profile with stiffener. This profile is used for making extra complex steel windows and doors. It has many advantages:


4-chamber profile offers excellent thermal and noise insulation.


Special profile configuration protects cushion from external influence (UV, temperature fluctuation, sun rays) and increases window life time.


It gives possibility to install special rigging against break-ins.


Profiles “Hoffen” do not change their characteristics under direct sun light and never distort due to high-quality materials.


It is possible to assemble steel windows of any shape – classical triangular, as well as modern round and arch-shaped windows.

All ready-to-sell products undergo strict quality control. Such characteristics as durability, frost-resistance and noise-insulation are of the same quality as the best imported products. Profiles “Hoffen” are government certified to be used in kindergartens and public health institutions.

System Framex 71

Framex 71

Framex 71 is a universal, high-quality 5-chamber profile for production of balcony doors and windows from PVC of any complexity. Because of its characteristics, products made from Framex 71 profile are distinct in their variety and can satisfy the most demanding customer.

Not only classical but also extra wide panoramic windows and different types of sliding doors can be made using this profile. Profile’s chambers are optimized to achieve maximal thermal insulation, which makes Framex 71 one of the best energy-efficient materials.

Profile Framex 71 allows you to use fittings of different manufacturers both of regular and anti-burglar modification. By all standards Framex 71 is state-of-the-art, ultramodern, reliable profile which gives constructions made of it, great look and long-lasting quality.

Profile can be laminated by imitation of different kinds of wood.



German company GEALAN Fenster-Systeme GmbH is a manufacturer of PVC profiles for windows and doors and has been on the market of light-translucent structures for over 40 years. The company has been a long-time leader offering its customers innovative in-demand products. Company’s expansion and production outsourcing beyond German borders, proves its success.

GEALAN’s pride today is 6-chamber profile S 8000 IQ whose 74mm depth (for comparison, other European manufacturers offer the depth of 70-71mm). Because of this depth it is possible to preserve big main chamber and use durable steel elements.

To this 6-chamber profile GEALAN S 8000 IQ, two thermal insulating chambers were added. Thus, the heat transmission coefficient comes to 0,86 W/m²K (result is registered with a test 1-chamber  thermal glazing).

Such an apt combination of “statics” and “thermal insulation” with opinions of the most demanding designers and architects has brought excellent result: harmonically shaped windows, narrow profile’s visible parts, soft silhouette, smooth surfaces. Profiles with acrylic coating, made by the method of coextrusion, are just one of innovations used. The are called akrycolor. They have following advantages:

  • UV filter prevents excessive heating and resulting deformation of a construction;
  • resistance to atmospheric phenomena;
  • wide color variety and combined usage with aluminum structures.