Sliding systems

Innovative technical and designer solutions are fundamental for the industry development. Windows manufacturing is constantly moving ahead. Year after year window constructions are being perfected, new materials are coming onto the market, quality and safety standards are heightened.

Sliding window system – the latest development in window installations, which have broad application. High demand among customers is caused by following factors:

– simple and convinient design, low maintenance.

– it saves up the space required for opening in traditional windows. wich makes it an ideal choice for small appartments.

– high level of thermal and noise insulation.

– one-fits-all. Such system would fit for modern buildings, apartments, offices, stores, restaurants, as well as for old brick buildings.

There are several types of sliding systems depending on functionality and purpose:

– parallel  shifting.

– lift and slide.

– sliding system “Accordeon”.

Parallel  shifting system – this is a construction with two or more panes sliding parallel to a frame and reclining inward for air ventilation. Turning the handle 90 degrees sets the door in reclined position. Turning the handle 180 degrees allows to slide the door open.

Comfort, bright space, moving arround freely – these are main dvantages of such system. Parallel  shifting system is widely used for balconies, terraces, winter gardens.

Lift and slide system – allows to make extra tight sliding doors of extra large size. You need to lift a door a little bit before sliding it.

Doors open by sliding the one behind the other. This makes it impossible to recline the door inward but saves the space needed for swinging open the regular door. Low profile threshold makes it easier to move arround for people with disabilities.

this system is ideal for terraces and verandas.

Sliding system “accordeon” is a window system which elements fold like an accordeon. It allows to save room and makes it look more spacious.

It also allows to install reclining pane for ventilation and alluminum threshold eleminates unavoidable bump in case with regular door system.

“Accordeon” is a highly functional and easy-to maintain system that can be used in all types of buildings.

For extended and troublefree exploitation we recomend to pay attention to the following:

Project development. It’s very important to take into consideration fuctionality and all the distinctive features of the premises. Then you can select the apropriate system type wich will be easy to use and fit the interior.

Installation. Get a professional to put your system together for reliable and long operation.

Maintenance. Use specially made means to upkeep your window system. Regularly inspect it, grease the elements in order to avoid breakdowns.