Houses of the SIP-panel. Advantages.

Presently, SIP-panels is the most thermal capacity material in the world. House which is built by the Canadian technology is warmer than the brick one 6 times. It’s really comfortable to live in such a house thank to the temperature saving: it’s warm in winter and cool in summer. Canadian buildings can withstand the temperature fluctuations easily in range near -50/+50 degrees. The polar research stations are built of SIP-panels on the North and South Poles. Do you have any doubts that it’s warm in the Canadian house?

Despite the general delusion, houses of SIP-panels are extremely lasting. Thank to it’s solid construction they can withstand earthquakes and hurricanes up to 7,5 points. Walls of the house stand the vertical load to 10 tones and 2 tones for 1 sq.m. of the transverse one. Of course, such a wall can’t cope with the frontal attack of bulldozer (however as a brick one), but it’s quite enough for a comfortable accommodation.

A house, equipped “turnkey” 150 sq.m we create just for three months. Such kind of house can be built in any season regardless the weather. Can you imagine, only three months passed and the new house stands on your site. What term will it take to build the brick house?

Concerning the shell of a house, it’s mounting takes just a few days. For example, we’ve made a video about the installation of country house walls, which area is 54 sq.m. Our experts have created it for 5 hours.

All over the world the SIP-technology is known as “Green Building” – an ecologically clean building technology. Not without purpose our company is called Ecocottage. More details you can find in section Ecology of SIP.

Unlike the wood, polystyrene doesn’t rot and deform. A calculated age of servicing the Canadian house is 80 years. Though, maybe it’s less for somebody. But for this tine a house construction will “get old” morally more than physically. Just recollect what is done with old, but sturdy houses, received from grandmothers as a heritage? They are demolished and the new, more modern are built.

Fire resistance.
The SIP-panel houses are assigned the third degree of fire resistance. Walls of the house can withstand the effect of straight fire for an hour. Moreover, SIP-panels has a self-extinction property. A heat energy which is exuded during burning of the SIP-panel is 7 times less, than during combustion of wooden constructions. For your absolute calmness we sheathe the interior walls with gypsum plasterboard, which a priori is a good fire resistant material.

You should not refuse your child to buy the drums, guitar or another musical instrument anymore. Thank to layer of the polystyrene, which don’t pass air and vibration, the SIP-panel houses effectively absorb the sound till 70 decibel.

A cost of the Canadian house is two times lower that the brick one. A ready house 125 sq.m will cost cheaper than one-room flat, which area is 47 sq.m in Kyiv. Oh, and how can you compare a flat and your own private house?

Houses on the Canadian building technology let you to economize on the next items.
Foundation. For erection of the house it’s not necessary to buy an expensive foundation. A weight of 1 sq.m of the house construction don’t exceed 20 kg. The SIP-panel houses are erected on a facilitated foundation, which is cheaper in 3-4 times than the brick house one.

Just imagine, how much it costs to keep the workers, payment of wages during building of the brick house (18-24 months)! And this sum is a part of a house cost. Our buildings are erected by four workers for 3 months without using the heavy equipment. But low expenses for the building process make the building object really cheaper.

Our houses have great energy-saving qualities. Expenses for heating of the Canadian house is 5-6 times lower than the brick one. The Canadian house warms up really fast, but it’s heat loss is minimal. You will save an imposing sum, considering the constant growth of the energy prices.

All the transport expenses for the house building in Kyiv and Kyiv region we take on ourselves.