Houses by the Canadian technology. Ecology

Sip-technology is assigned by the “Green Building” (technology of “green” construction) and “Energy Star” (technology of the energy saving) status in the West. Materials which match the highest international requirements of ecology and energy saving are marked by such a status.

Should we impugn the ecology qualities of SIP-panel if it has got such a vocation in countries, where people are crazy about ecology?

Ecology of the of the OSB is equated to the ecology of wood. In fact, OSB consists of woody splint on 95%. As a connective material natural and synthetic tars are used there. They don’t contain the formaldehyde, phenol or any harmful substances.

A foamed polystyrene (foamed styrene) consists of styrene on 2% and on 98% of the air. This material is considered one of the most ecological and applicable one in building. By the way, 8 of 10 houses in Europe are insulated by the foamed polystyrene exactly.

Constructing house by the Canadian technology, you take care not only about your own health, but also about the environment, because:

  • Heavy machine technology is not used in the Canadian house building, as a result an air doesn’t pollute by the traffic fumes.
  • During building of the Canadian technology house, the minimal number of construction waste is formed, so it’s two or three times less than in the classic building technology.
  • For OSB production use rapidly growing wood species, which are a rapidly resumed natural resource.
  • The Canadian houses have high index of the energy saving. Factually, you reduce the energy consumption several times. Isn’t that the thing, which the ecologists from the whole world are calling on?

Except the conclusion. In USA, Canada and Europe medical institutions, health centers, kindergartens, homes for the elderly and another buildings with the heightened standards of the safety and ecology requirements are built by the SIP-panel. In Japan Canadian houses are rewarded by the «for Health Recuperation» status, as recommended constructions for health recovery.