Best quality for a low price!

Best quality for a low price!

Wide choice of metalplastic windows from the best manufacturers for the best price!


Our service

We offer wide choice of high-quality PVC/steel windows from reputable fabricators.

Coffee Beans

We do installation, assembling and repair of PVC/steel doors in Kyiv.


Roof repair and assembly in Kyiv city and region.



We do all kinds of construction works in Kyiv and region.

About us

  • Our motto is “Honesty and transparency”
  • Our company delivers and assembles PVC/steel installations, roll shutters and gates of economy and elite segment. We also build houses, renovate appartments, offices and stores.
  • Excellent quality for reasonable prices.
  • We do quality job on time and with a warranty.
  • Our workers do not drink :)
  • And we treat our customers like family!

We work with: